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What They Are Saying

“ .  .  .  Heartwarming and Hilarious.  .  .   ”  MVAC                       

“.  .  .  a joy of the season. . . . Just wait til Oprah reads it!”  BH

“.  .  .  I couldn’t put it down.  .  .” JC

“You can’t make this stuff up.”  TG

“. . . I hope the author has some more stories to relate, although I don't see how she could top this one!”  Anonymous

“.  .  .  would never be accepted in a work of fiction; it would be too far-fetched!”  Anonymous

“A quick read full of laughter and wisdom.” LT

“This book is full of thought and anecdote.” SKK

“I could not turn away because I had to know what could possibly go wrong next.”  D                                              

“. . . the juxtaposition of humor and tragedy.” D                                                

“Deeply insightful, emotion-filled, and laugh-out-loud funny”  EJ                                                        


“What a delightful read that kept me not only smiling but laughing out loud even as I reminisced about the loss of my own mother -what a talent!! The real and relatable insights into the family dynamics were so richly appreciated, they invited me to experience the antics and mishaps as though I were there. I encourage anyone who needs a refreshing new perspective on their family's unique ways or simply wants a good laugh to pick up this joyful book and escape into another family’s experience for a couple hours :)”   LG

“One of the best surprises was the mindset piece to challenge us all in our perspectives. I expected only to read a story but left with important lessons learned as well. Bravo!”   Anonymous

“Easy read, something we can all relate to.”   WG

“This very sincere, lighthearted and loving story will keep you turning the pages until the end.”  JMW

What a great light read! Filled with humor and twists and turns. A loving comedy-filled look at a hard situation. CG

This quick little read was fascinating, fun, and simply shocking. D

Readers are saying it’s. . .

Bizarre          Loving Sincere  Shocking       Hilarious
Insightful        Easy Read        Sweet     Emotion-filled
Lighthearted        Humorous        Tender
Wonderful        Relatable
    Funny  Far-Fetched        True
Joyful        Delightful
        Heartwarming         Refreshing 
Entertaining        Comedy-filled