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    About Judi Thietten

    The author of Grave State of Affairs. . . From Epitaphs to Belly Laughs, Judi Thietten was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee with an independent spirit.  In her book, she delivers the unusual events that surrounded her mother’s death and burial with a surprising touch of humor. 

    After college, she ventured out West where she married and started a family. Spending most of her working years in the family-owned home health and hospice agency, she became familiar with family struggles that come with old people caring for old people.  

    Her mantra, Change your life? Change your thinking, is shaping the day-to-day of the author’s life.  She believes that people have more strength and resilience than they believe they do; that it is not always possible to change one’s perspective while lying in the proverbial mud puddle but it is essential later as we struggle with healing and moving forward in peace. 

    Her passion for writing was discovered by years of experience gained doing publicity for numerous organizations including a large hospital, churches, and various clubs and non-profits. 

    Besides loving to play pickleball Judi is a PPR-certified pickleball coach and activist lending her time, voice, and energy as a USA Pickleball Ambassador, teaching and spreading the healthy attributes of pickleball as a lifetime sport.

    She also loves spending hours in her home art studio creating abstract acrylic art on canvas.  Family celebrations and activities are also something she looks forward to with her three grown children and four grandchildren.  

    Now retired from the home health industry, Judi resides in Southern Idaho along the pristine Snake River Plain.   The locals affectionately refer to it as the Magic Valley.  Magic because it was originally high desert until pioneers spilled water on a sack and like magic, up popped the most delicious, gigantic potatoes they had ever seen!  Or so they say.  


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    Grave State of Affairs - From Epitaphs to Belly Laughs